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What is eBook formatting and Interior Book Design?

eBook formatting is a standard design process that converts text and images into an interesting and creative layout for readers to enjoy that book.

It’s something like printed book's interior design and formatting, but it focuses efficiently on your book in the digital environment. Standard formatting for eBooks (ePub and mobi) feature a dynamic layout for text and images to make an eBook looks great when viewed on each type of eReaders, mobile devices and tablets.

File_Wizzard has experienced designers, they will help you to create an amazing ebook and deliver the best and catchy reading experience with a custom format images and table of content to keep your readers engaged with you ebook.

Interior Book Design (Formatting of a Manuscript)

An important part of book design is its formatting that should be professionally done. A clear and readable typeface helps to create a perfect layout that is inviting to readers to your ebook. Each section included in your manuscript (foreword, dedication, chapters, etc.) should be customized and formatted professionally to create a perfect ebook.

File_Wizzard offering a brilliant ebook creation service exclusive on fiverr.com. If you need our services to create your ebook professionally done and send a beautiful ebook with a perfect layout, design and formatting ready for selfpublishing.

We offer proofreading and editing services also so if you want to have our stress free services you can contact us without any hesitation.

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