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Why Audio Editing Is Important?

Creating videos is half about the visuals and half about the sounds. But when you’re just getting started, there is a ton to figure out just on the visual side, and when you add in audio, it can be overwhelming to say the least.

This month, we’re on a mission to help you get your audio bearings and understand why audio is visual. And more importantly, customers who order bigger budget productions need to know how their cinema ads are being treated audibly.

Here are a few definitions:

  • Pre-production is the 1st process of preparing all the correct gear to capture amazing natural sounds, interviews, dialogues and tones. Don’t take microphones for granted, as much as better done in pre-production, the less is there to do in post-production.

  • Post-production, is an optional second step that synchronizes wave files, refines speaking and general sound editing. This editing changes depending on the tone: either for common web use (2.0) or pushed further for cinemas (7.1).

Audio editing for films with substantial budgets usually involves more than one person. There are dozens of different roles involved with finding, recording, and picking the right sounds for a movie film/ television or any short audio/ video clip. The lead sound editor is in charge of the sound design for the film, and he or she assigns roles as necessary. To put it plainly: this person decides what you hear in movies.

Audio Mixing / sound mixing: following the VFX, editing, sound editing, and other post-production processes, the sound mixer tweaks levels on every audio file — a tedious but crucial process that affects everything the audience hears, including dialogue, sound effects, foley effects, and the score. So when you hear a bullet whiz by the main character’s ear followed by a gasp (and subtle music in the background), you’re listening to the sound mixer’s work.

If you have huge audios and you are looking for a talented sound editor to make your audios cool and suitable for your projects, don't worry, we will help you.

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